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UPF50+ Long Sleeve Rashies Sz 0000 to 10


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MikyB:-) Fun Kids Clothes, Rashies & Hats

MikyB is a family run business that specialises in designing and selling hats & clothing for babies, toddlers and children up to eight years old. Created for use every day wear & tear our t-shirts, shorts, dresses, summer hats, winter hats and rashies are all colourful, durable and highly suitable for the Australian lifestyle.

MikyB clothing was created by a mum of 2 so you can be sure that your own children will enjoy running around with these pieces of casual wear on. Our clothing focuses on fun, comfort and sun protection. Not only are our designs colourful and vibrant but they are also made to withstand anything that your kids throw at them. Our T-shirts, dresses, shorts, shirts, skorts, rompers & pants are all 100% cotton. We have one of the largest ranges of sun protection clothing for babies and kids. We have a huge selection of baby hats and kids hats, plus a great selection of top quality baby rashies & kids long sleeve rashies.

Quality, Comfortable and Stylish Childrens Clothes

When shopping at MikyB:-), you will get much more than fun children’s clothing. You will also receive these products at great prices not found in other designer stores around the country. Our baby hats and kids clothes are all 100% cotton, in great colours and with age appropriate prints. Both you and your kids will love them. Most of our garments are printed to order, so contact us if you would like a particular print on a different colour T-shirt or piece of clothing..

  • Affordable baby & kids hats, rashies and cotton clothes
  • 100% COTTON range includes: Ts, Long Ts, Shorts, Skorts, Long Pants, Dresses & Hoodies
  • Huge range of Babies & Kids Hats plus long sleeve rashies
  • $8.00 flat rate shipping

Tips for Choosing a Your Child’s New Hat

There are several factors to consider when choosing a sun protective hat, including:

  • The fabric – choose a hat made from tight fabric. The tighter the structure of the fabric thebetter the protection it offers from the sun.
  • UPF label – check the UPF label rating to determine the level of protection of the hat. A higher number means better protection e.g. UPF 50 offers better protection than UPF 15.
  • Practicality – the hat should be suitable to your activities e.g. it shouldn’t keep falling off
  • Should be affordable
  • Should be safe to use
  • Should provide adequate ventilation – this is especially important for those involved in outdoor physical activity in warm weather.

Protective Sun Hats

Research has shown that prolonged exposure to strong UV rays from the sun can cause cancer. It is therefore important to protect your skin from exposure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy spending time outdoors during the sunny summer days. You simply need to protect your skin from prolonged direct exposure to UV rays.

During sunny days when the UV index is above 3, it is especially important to take precautionary measures. UV rays are most intense in the middle part of the day. SunSmart UV Alert provides more information on specific times of the day when protection from the sun is important. You can check UV index levels online and at sunsmart.com.au. SunSmart suggests that you:

  • Wear clothing covering the skin to protect it from prolonged exposure
  • Use a broad spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen that is water-resistant. This should be reapplied every two hours
  • Sit in the shade
  • Wear sunglasses that are up to standard
  • Wear a protective hat

Protective hats such as bucket hats, broad-brimmed hats and legionnaire hats are the best sun protective hats. These hats offer wide brims that cover the back of the neck, ears, eyes and the face. This is much unlike baseball caps and other hats that provide minimal protection for the ears and the back of the neck.

Types of Hats

Are you wondering what type of hat will offer you sun protection? The hat you purchase should protect:

  • The back of the neck
  • The eyes
  • The face
  • The ears

Any hat that does not offer protection for all four of the areas mentioned above should not be considered a sun protective hat.

Bucket Hats

  • Also known as surfer styled hats
  • Brim of the hats is not less than 6cm providing protection for eyes, neck, face and ears
  • Crown is deep and low on the head

Broad Brimmed Hats

  • Brim is not less than 7.5cm wide providing protection for the eyes, back of the neck, face and ears

Legionnaire Hats

  • Have a flap that stretches out over the back of the neck and two side flaps, on either side of the head that cover the ears and side of the face.
  • Suitable for active people

Buying Hats for Toddlers and Babies

When buying a hat for a baby or toddler consider a hat that:

  • Fits correctly – choose a hat that can be adjusted to fit the head e.g. those with a place strap
  • Is comfortable
  • Provides adequate shade
  • Does not obstruct their hearing or vision
  • Choose a soft fabric
  • Ensure that the hat has a safety snap to prevent it from becoming a choking hazard

Anyone who’s ever taken care of a young child will tell you that they don’t like to wear hats. However, you need to be persistent as it is important for their protection. It will take time for them to get used to wearing a hat whenever they go outside.

Soft legionnaire hats are more suitable when it comes to baby sun protective hats. The soft fabric will fold easily when the baby puts their head down.


Accessories for sun protection for those required to wear hard hats or helmets are available. These include attachments with broad brims as well as legionnaire-style flaps. These are perfect for cyclists and others who wear helmets that offer little sun protection.

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