We at MikyB are committed to community involvement and assisting with fundraising and raising awareness of as many charities as we can. From time to time you may see links to worthwhile charities and their annual appeals. Please click through to these links to find out how you can help.

Couee Community


Couee Life is a fund raising portal for the registered charity Couee Community Limited.

The Couee Community Foundation was started by the same team that began Swim4kids in 2007 and has raised over $1,000,000 and donated over $500,000 for the children at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

The Couee Community charity was set up to help others, individuals, social service groups, communities, schools, and other nonprofits that might slip through the cracks and not qualify for assistance or funding through mainstream channels.

With a drive to do more for the community, Couee Community will be planning multiple fundraising events and projects in the future. Each event or project will have a particular focus on needs within the community.

Couee Community exists to improve the lives of persons and communities in needs or experiencing disability or disadvantage by providing funds to access services, programs, receive goods, or other benefit that alleviates any disadvantage. Sponsor’s support and generous donations enable Couee Community to fundraise and assist individuals, organisations and charities in need.

People or organisations wishing to apply for Couee Community assistance need to complete the form below or email your request with supporting documentation where applicable to couee@coueecommunity.org for consideration.

Couee Community would not be possible without the involvement and commitment of our hard-working volunteers. Volunteering really does make a difference. To help us succeed, we need your help. There are many different ways in which you can lend a hand, so if your interested send us an email at couee@coueecommunity.org