Looking for Some Gender Friendly Party Ideas!

Are your kids at the age where they have plenty of boys and girls for friends? This is common in the kindergarten and early school years. If so choosing non-gender specific party themes and activities can be quite tricky, particularly when your daughter has her heart set on a princess party.

Well here are some ideas that might do the trick!

Fete Theme Party      Tennis_Party - SML

Country Fair: Turn your backyard into a county fair ground. Hire a jumping castle and baby animal farm. Play plenty of games like sack races, egg & spoon races, 3 legged races, shooting basketball or knock-em. Food options can include: popcorn, fairy floss, ice-cream, hot dogs and snow cones.

Tennis Party: Tennis is a great non gender specific sport. Check your local clubs and junior coaches in your area. Many of them offer kids birthday party packages that offer professionally supervised on and off court fun. Some provide catering or you can organise a BBQ or Subway.

Mini Olympics: Get all the kids to come dressed in their favourite sporting gear, regardless of the sport. Play a variety of games that suit the age of the kids at the party. Games ideas include: …. Give out a ribbon, certificate or small prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a novelty competitor in each event. You can also give a prize for the best dressed

Bowling Party: These are always heaps of fun for both boys and girls. Make sure to check out what all the bowling alleys in your areas have to offer. Some cater quite nicely for kid’s parties, some allow you to bring your own food, some provide a party host, and others even have a separate party room to give you some privacy after the game. Consider doing your own party bags though. Most bowling alleys will supply a party bag for each child, however they are mostly filled with promotional items.

Putt Putt Theme     Bowling Party Theme

Putt Putt or Mini Golf: All kids love mini golf plus it is an affordable. Most centres do fully cater for parties, which means that depending on your package, everything is done for you. Also look at where your venue is located. Often there are other eating options close by that may be more affordable or of more interest to slightly older kids.

Party Bag Fillers without the Sugar: hand balls, bouncy balls, glow sticks, yo-yos, mini torches, loom bands, novelty pencils, fake tattoos, wrist bands, bubbles and small puzzle books.